This is becoming a problem - delivering a raster file (vector not possible here, it's painted artwork) at your maximum resolution and at picked size often ends up with files around 30-40MB - while your website only allows 20MB file uploads. Sending in a file through the e-mail is a chore - your e-mail provider limits attachments to 25MB, and when I provide a DIRECT link to a PSD file on my own dedicated server, your staff wants me to use Google Drive, WeTransfer or Dropbox instead due to security policies - Terms of Services and/or Privacy Policy of those I refuse to accept. Acceptance of 3rd party policies should not be required to use your services.
For the record, delivering a malicious file using your preferred 3rd party services or your own website would not be a problem - you should and likely do have other safety measures in place already. At this point refusing to accept direct link under the guise of security policies is pointless.
...and then I check access log for the file and see your Italy site grabbing the full file twice anyway.