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Provide more info about your printing process
This is more feedback than an idea: I have gone through your site's menus, watched its videos and searched it with google and I can't seem to find any sort of information geared at technical users. Its all very informative but only goes surface deep. I can' find answers for such questions as: 1.What inks do you print with? (This would would help me when converting a raster image from RBG to CMYK, so that I could pick a better proile than U.S. Web Coated V2. And maybe even be able to push the blue tones of my image in the right direction. It would also let me have the correct swatches in front of me when I am picking spot colors in my designs.) 2.What is the maximum resolution your printers can print at? (Its okay if this answer depends on what type of sticker I am making. I can figure that out and choose my resolution accordingly. Simply telling me that I need at least 300 PPI really isn't an answer. That causes me to err drastically on the side of shipping you way more resolution than you need. Right now I am using a ray tracer to make four inch stickers. Do you really want 1000 DPI or would you like me to give you exactly the right resolution sized for the printer you will print it on?) 3.Do you have any pre-made color profiles? (If you did that would be really handy. Then I could just load one in Photoshop and go from there. Otherwise, I end up doing silly things like placing an order for a sticker that is a standard series of swatches that my color calibrator can use to make a profile. And then, I don't have any guarantee you will even print it on the same printer I just calibrated using the sticker you just shipped me :-) ) 4.Alter the GUI of you webpage so the users can edit their suggestions after placing them. (You don't have to make it so that that can be edited after they have been voted on by other people and you could make it so they can only be edited for 2 hours or so after they are placed. But this is the fifth time I have entered a version of this feedback and an edit option would have been nice.) So please, If you could write a section on your web site dedicated to the sort of questions that your in house designers ask you, that would help me a lot. If you think that would just confuse people or lead to undesired results, then an email would suffice.

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